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WUKA Flex Detachable Bikini - Medium Flow NEW

WUKA Flex Detachable Bikini - Medium Flow NEW

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Beth says...

"These are fab for those of us who change shape regularly... make them as tight or loose as you like.
I wear these at night."

Our founder Beth Farrow has something to say about all the awesome things at B-eco-me...
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Care Instructions

Machine wash 30-40 degrees and Line dry only, and no heated airer

Washing (and Using) Reausable Nappies

WUKA = "Wake Up Kick Ass"

medium flow, fits 4 sizes, high cut bikini, good for travelling, detachable band

WUKA FLEX™ Detachable Period Pants fits four sizes with its patent-pending side adjustment. Made from BCI Cotton, it comes with detachable hooks for easy changing in small public toilets, between meetings, at festivals and travelling.
  • Medium Flow
  • Fits 4 sizes
  • Change on the go
  • Ethical BCI Certified Cotton

🩸🩸🩸  Medium absorbency, completely tampon and pad replacement. Holds 15ml of period flow or light leaks - around 2-3 tampons' worth. It can be worn for up to 8 hours - you know your flow best. Wear, wash and reuse.

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