Nappy Creams

Many have found that mainstream creams for babies bottoms can coat the fibres of your nappies, making them less absorbent.

The below have been tested by members of the UKNN.

Cream 40 degree wash 60 degree wash Any other info
Earth Conscious Baby Balm Minor grey staining on suedecloth only Fine  
Child's Farm Nappy Cream Fine Fine  
Cj's  (Coconut Lime) Grey staining on suedecloth only Fine  
Weleda Calendula Nappy Cream Fine Fine  
Weleda Mallow cream Fine Fine  
Harry & Rose Baby Lotion Fine Fine  
Harry & Rose Nappy Spray Fine Fine  
Arbonne Nappy Cream Fine Fine Arbonne Sunscreen also fine on all fabrics
Aleva  Fine Fine  
Aveeno Fine Fine  
Lush Ultrabalm Yellow staining, absorbency reduced Yellow staining, absorbency reduced Removed with olive oil soap
Lush Charity Pot Fine Fine  
Lush Sympathy for the Skin Fine Fine  
Lush Ultrabland Staining but absorbency fine Severe staining! No effect on absorbency Stains difficult to remove
Lush Dream Cream Fine Fine  
Lush Dream Cream (SP) Mild marking on natural fabrics Fine  
Pure Potions Oil Fine Fine  
Pure Potions Salve Grey staining and absorbency reduced Grey staining but no effect on absorbency